SMK Phyton Air Nurseries Aeroponic Farm

Smart Functional Plant Distributor Centre


KJ Kim – Founder & Technical Advisor

KJ Kim is an Electronics Engineering specialist. One of his early successes was an establishment of a global business
enterprise in Silicone Valley, CA USAA in electronics. His company designed the first intel based 386PC motherboards
that were used by numerous manufacturers of personal computers worldwide.

Since then, he has had various successful Canadian Businesses including ownership of:

  • Seycove Marina (1989), Capillano Village Shopping Plaza (2002) in North Vancouver, BC
  • Heritage Valley Resort (2006) a corporate retreat in Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford, BC
  • SMK Farm & Herbal Research (2008) in Surrey, BC used as a functional crop research & incubation centre
  • NBTUS Technology Inc. (2010), a start up company in the field for web & app application, in pursuit of his old
    passion and success in Silicon Valley

He has a passion for enhancing the quality of life on retiring seniors and interested in creating sustainable retirement
Micro Village based on the agricultural co-operative. To make this project from concept to reality, SMK Farm is carrying
out R&D for identifying high valued functional crops that can be readily marketable and for building pilot facilities to
produce them in most cost-effective way. Once completed, the knowledge will be given to the micro villages for them
to produce, and SMK group will be purchasing their products making the village sustainable.